We must share our gift of faith

Dear Editor, It is wonderful to hear the positive reactions from all ages to Pope Francis. This would be a good time for each one of us – to ask ourselves the question “How can we follow his example of reaching out to all people?” Are we happy to stay in our comfort zones and fine buildings instead of like Jesus travelling along the borders of Samaria and Galilee reaching out to and curing the 10 lepers along the way. Let our words of praise turn into actions as we try to reflect the compassion and love which Pope Francis sends out to all by his Christ like actions. Let us all ask the Lord to pray for Pope Francis and the grace for each one of us to bring hope to our world by imitating the life of Jesus as he took risks when he travelled his journey on this Earth.

As we come to end of the Year of Faith let us not be afraid to share the great gift our Faith is and unite with Pope Francis to bring it to as many as we can, making our world a better place to live for all.

 Yours etc.,

Brid Caffrey,


Dublin 6W.