We cannot equate gay and traditional marriage

Dear Editor, As stated in the Editor’s Comment on 29/01/2015, I agree that the current large majority in support of same-sex marriage may not hold to the referendum day. I think an explanation for this may lie in the fact that many of us, including practicing Catholics are moved emotionally by the simple argument that anyone in a loving relationship should be able to have a State marriage. But even putting aside the religious arguments, logically or even linguistically, it is not possible to equate gay and traditional marriage.

I think to achieve a calm debate it will be essential that moderate views such those who believe that the traditional marriage definition does not require changing to facilitate legal protections for gay couples are heard. Ironically the passing of the referendum has the potential by stating that there are no differences between gay and traditional marriage, to lead to a situation that anyone suggesting otherwise is indeed being prejudicial.

Yours etc.,

Frank Browne,


Dublin 16