Pope is right about boring sermons

Dear Editor, Regards your front page story ‘Pope wages war on dull sermons’ (IC 12/05/2015). How right he is. And I too have been one of the guilty preachers.

The late Fr Peter Lemass, while working with the Catholic Communications Institute of Ireland and Radharc, many years ago had a great line for aspiring preachers and public speakers. It went like this – delivered with a charming but challenging smile – “Remember that the ability of the head to absorb what is being said is in a direct proportion to the ability of the posterior – not the exact word he used- to tolerate a hard seat!”

Firmly pasted to the bathroom mirror of many a clergy house – mine included – that advice would have made many preachers and congregations feel very comfortable!

Yours etc.,

Fr Eugene Kennedy (retired),


Dublin 15.