UTV star hits back at Down Syndrome comments

UTV star hits back at Down Syndrome comments Paul Clark

UTV presenter Paul Clark has taken to social media to reject claims that children with Down Syndrome lead unhappy lives.

The remark comes after a Twitter user said: “It’s unfathomable how anyone would want to put a soul through life suffering with Down’s. Religious driven madness.”

The television presenter, who has a deep Christian faith and a son with Down Syndrome, responded: “As the father of David, who has Down Syndrome, I want to assure you that he does not suffer! He’s enriched all our lives in his 26 years!!”


He further added in response to a comment that, “David has brought a real sense of purpose to the lives of Carol [his wife] and myself…”

Mr Clark has previously said that he was “gutted” when he and his wife learned of their unborn child’s condition, but that they leaned heavily on their faith to get through it.

He also added that it wasn’t more difficult to bring up David than his older brother Peter, and that as a parent, “you just get on with it”.

“You don’t think: ‘Our son has Down Syndrome’. He’s our son and that’s it,” he said.