UN urged to intervene in Central African Republic

Central African Republic – The United Nations must intervene in the country, the Bishop of Bangassou has said. In a message sent to the UN in New York ahead of a debate on the deteriorating state of affairs in the African nation, Bishop Juan Jose Aguirre Muno states that the controlling Seleka group is now engaging ever more in banditry against innocent civilians.

“The Central African Republic is now a country adrift  with the entire population trapped like in a concentration camp, hostage of the Seleka government in turn adrift”, the bishop wrote. This latter point, Bishop Muno explained, refers to the fact that, of five distinct groupings within Seleka, just one has benefitted from seizing power, while the others have turned on the population, making them victims of looting, rape and murder. “The UN has to intervene,” Bishop Muno insisted.