Synod likely to reject communion for divorced and remarried

If the Synod of Bishops were to vote on whether divorced and remarried Catholics should be allowed return to Communion, they would probably reject the proposal by almost two to one, according to an Australian archbishop.

Brisbane’s Archbishop Mark Coleridge has said in an interview that he suspects the vote would be roughly 65% against the proposal with just 35% for it, although he added that if the question were altered so that it asked whether individual bishops’ conferences could make the decision for themselves, the division might be more even.

While he said he opposes the proposal, most closely linked with the German cardinal Walter Kasper, he described as “scandalous” some of the criticism Cardinal Kasper has faced, and cautioned against “unhelpful and even un-Christian” claims that the synod is being manipulated.

Acknowledging that views seem to have hardened since the last synod,  he stressed that ultimately the only vote that counts is that of Pope Francis, as the synod’s role is an advisory one.