Supporting the Apostle Anne

Dear Editor, With reference to the letter concerning the Apostle Anne (IC 3/4/14), I wish to make a few points.

Anne never made a secret of the fact that she left a difficult relationship and her marriage was annulled by the Church.

The writer seems to suggest that people are expected to remain in abusive relationships. I have a real problem with this and it certainly does not equate with the God of love whom I worship.

I have heard Anne speak on Purgatory; she talks about the different levels of suffering, which makes perfect sense because some of us are bigger sinners than others. She said the great suffering there is the ache in the heart in being separated from the Lord and the feelings of remorse for the hurts we caused our loving Father and our fellow man.

From the very beginning Anne has worked with her local bishop and not a word of hers has been published without her bishop, Bishop Leo O’Reilly of Kilmore.

That is good enough for me.

Yours etc.,

Ann Hughes,

Miltown Malbay,

Co. Clare.