The Apostle Anne and domestic violence

Dear Editor, In response to the letter by Mary Leahy (IC 3/4/14).

This letter to the editor is concerning in its distortions. The Breakable Vow is an accurate portrayal of the realities of life for a family struggling with domestic violence.

The suggestion seems to be that if a woman or man were holy enough she or he would be able to withstand abuse and or change the spouse’s abusive behaviour. The suggestion is firstly inconsistent with what the Church teaches (See Canon 1153§1). Secondly, this suggestion runs the risk of victim blaming. Contemporary Catholicism allows for the reality that abusive situations which compromise the physical and emotional well-being of either party or any children frequently require separation for the safety and dignity of all parties involved.

Additionally, it is clear to be seen inThe Mist of Mercy, that the burning remorse Anne describes as having seen there is entirely consistent with the imagery of flames in other descriptions of purgatory.

“I will stay faithful to Rome and take direction from Pope Francis” seems to imply that Anne or indeed the bishop has not been faithful or does not take direction from Pope Francis. We are all faithful to Rome and Rome places the responsibility of determining the authenticity of reported private revelations on the local ordinary. Any bishop who consults with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on this matter knows this. Unfortunately this is not commonly understood.

Yours etc.,

Fr Darragh Connolly

Direction for Our Times,


Co. Cavan.