Student union shouldn’t be pushing for ‘yes’ vote

Dear Editor, On March 24 all UCD students (over 20,000) opened their accounts to an email sent from the UCD Students Union with an invite to attend a celebratory pro-same-sex marriage wedding party. On top of this, there is nowhere on campus you can go without being confronted by ‘vote yes’ propaganda, which the Students Union is responsible for.

The SU have built a powerful ‘vote yes’ campaign that appeals unabashedly to both love and equality – two terms loaded with emotive connotations. The real irony at the heart of the equality pursuit, however, is that it won’t be long before people are seen as ‘types’ rather than people. Such will be our preoccupation with equality that we forget about the beauty of difference. Difference is an invitation to transcend any narrow boxes we are put into and be more than we are. In bandying the word equality about, we are in danger of neglecting the depth and mystery of its meaning.

Yours etc.,

Laura Cullen,


Co. Meath.