Don’t forget who wins in David vs Goliath

Dear Editor, In Greg Daly’s article ‘A David and Goliath Fight’ (IC 23/04/2015), the headline has it right. Think of that classic phrase sequence biblically. It is never written, or recalled, as the “Goliath and David” fight. David, who had so little, was the victor, when so much was stacked against him.

So, we have Atlantic Philanthropies gifting the ‘yes’ side “Goliath” with an enviable (and worldly) war chest of just under $500,000 (IC 23/04/2015). To say nothing of Atlantic “Philanthropies” other generous ongoing “gift” of $2.5 million to The Gay and Lesbian Equality Network in Ireland. How can our opponents lose, you might cry in despair.

What is sorely missing in the ‘no’ camp is a biblically assured faith. Yes, things are unfair. Yes, the media are biased. Yes, Christians are being demonised.

The ‘no’ campaign cannot compete with such philanthropic funding, but God’s people in the Bible have always been the underdogs, fighting against the odds with faith. That’s the way God wants it, according to the message of the Bible.


Yours etc.,

Louis Hemmings,


Co. Dublin.