Singer rested on God during trials

Singer rested on God during trials Sir Cliff Richard

Musical icon Sir Cliff Richard has said that his Faith supported him during his battle with sexual assault allegations which were made in 2013.

In a radio interview with Miriam O’Callaghan on RTÉ Radio One last week, the famous singer described how his Faith got him through the trial. “My Faith, my fans, friends, my family – they never left me alone. I was never ever alone all that period, so I survived a lot of it because of that.

“There’s no doubt, when your friends stay and they all go to bed, you go to bed and suddenly you’re on your own. But I never felt alone. I was always able to speak to God, pour my heart out and I think that was very good for me.”

In June 2016, prosecutors announced that he would face no charges. Sir Cliff sued the police, which ultimately settled the case for £400,000.