Shrine to venerable Matt Talbot erected in Ennis cathedral

Shrine to venerable Matt Talbot erected in Ennis cathedral

A shrine to venerable Matt Talbot has been erected in Ss Peter and Paul Cathedral in Ennis, Co. Clare.

The shrine is to be accompanied by a specially commissioned painting done by parishioner and local artist Noreen Flynn.

It details the transition points, highs and lows, in the life of venerable Matt Talbot.

It depicts his addiction to alcohol, as well as the thievery he fell into to support his addiction. The painting includes a reference to the key conversion moment of his life – his pioneer pledge at Clonliffe. His extensive reading of the lives of the saints’, as well as his charity work, feature also.

Bishop Fintan Monahan commended the image in a Youtube video, mentioning the long-held prayer devotion to Matt Talbot in many of the parishes of Killaloe Diocese, particularly Tulla parish, where every Lent there is a novena dedicated to praying to venerable Talbot.

He recommended venerable Talbot as a role model during these “challenging” times, especially for those suffering from addiction of any kind.