Serving two Popes

Georg Ganswein gives frank interview in Germany

Germany – Archbishop Georg Ganswein has spoken frankly of his sometimes painful role in serving Pope Francis following the departure of his previous charge, Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

In an interview with Zeit-Online, the archbishop reveals: “It is an ache, finding my way with a new role. I have the impression that I live in two worlds.”

Admitting that he was initially upset with Pope Francis’ refusal to move into the Apostolic palace, viewing it as “an affront” to Benedict, Archbishop Ganswein says that now he is reconciled to this reality and he and the Pontiff have even joked about the issue, though he still finds this pontificate radically different to the previous. “I wait every day for another innovation, what will be different today,” he says.

Archbishop Ganswein further reveals that, in continuing to serve Pope Emeritus Benedict, he is holding true to his promise to remain faithful to him “in life and death”.