Seamless Robe: New and Collected Poems

The allusion in the title is, of course, to the robe of Christ, but in these poems by the parish priest of a parish near Dublin, they might also allude to the seamless nature of life and spirit. Poets he notes write from what they know, and what a parish priest has is a very specific kind of knowledge. Only too well aware of what appears to be a decline in religion, Michael Ruddy prefers instead to celebrate faith in a tone of joy and inspiration. Aside from his poems the book also includes a set of reflections arising from his everyday experience again.

For what is life if not returning

To knowledge lost in rising seas

Of fear and doubt

Yet which cannot wash away:

The divine in every human heart?î

The proceeds from the sale of his little volume will all go towards aiding the missionary work of the Congregations of the Sacred Heart in Africa and Asia. (For copies contact the Presbytery, St Johnís Drive, Sruleen, Dublin 22)