At Home in My Body, CD1: Reconnecting

A sign of the changing times: this is a CD by a Connemara based priest, influenced perhaps by Eastern ideas, which allows listeners to become at home in themselves, and in doing so open up their spirit to wider influences. His insights are intended for both individuals and for prayer groups. There has been a long tendency in some teachers to denigrate the body. Of this we are only too aware in Ireland. But to fully realise the divine within us it might be said that we too have to ponder the mystery of incarnation that we too are both divine and human, we cannot neglect the one without the other.

This is a novel experiment, but one in keeping with the times.  He would remind us that Aquinas spoke of delighting the sense, and that theme emerges too in the poetry of Hopkins. A surprising venture but one in which this retired missionary continues in another way his lifeís work. Any profits will go to St Patrickís Missionary Society.