Rents blocking young couples getting married – Bro. Kevin

Rents blocking young couples getting married – Bro. Kevin

Landlords are “destroying” prospects for young people who are hoping to get married but can barely afford rent, according to the founder of the Capuchin Day Centre.

With the World Day of the Poor on Sunday, established by Pope Francis three years ago, Bro. Kevin said the situation for the poor in Ireland “is appalling” and even people who are working are struggling.

“I’m coming across here every day of the week, young couples thinking of getting married, and thinking where and how they’re going to get a mortgage for a house. The landlords are absolutely destroying the young people and the people who are trying to make a living in our city at the moment, it’s disgraceful,” Bro. Kevin said.


“Especially coming up to Christmas now, so many people will be on the breadline again, we have it every day of the week. Then you have all the stores highlighting the Christmas festivities and they can’t afford to buy anything for their children.”

Speaking of the Pope’s visit to the centre last year for the World Meeting of Families, Bro. Kevin said he emphasised “dignity and respect for each human being”.