Proving existence of God

Dear Editor, I asked a group of young people to do some research with a view to discover whether or not God really exists. They gave me the analysis of their investigations and their resultant proof of the existence of God.


This world goes on a huge space journey every 365 ¼ days around the sun. This has been happening for millions of years. The result of this space journey is the generation of the four seasons of the year: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. This annual movement of the world operates with such precision time-wise to the fraction of a second that the only natural conclusion must be that it is taking place by design, where you have design you must have a Designer. Since the operation has been occurring for millions of years the Designer must have been in existence for millions of years and even before this phenomenon began.


The next conclusion come to by the young people was that the Designer of World v Sun must be super intelligent and all powerful because the whole planetary system is so vast and intricate in all its workings.


A further conclusion was that the Designer/architect/engineer must be good and benign because the end result of this movement of the world every 365 ¼ days generating the four seasons of the year is the production of food for all living creatures including us humans. The sum total of these of these observations was that the young people concluded finally that this Designer/architect/engineer qualifies for the title of God!


Yours etc.,

Fr Con McGillicuddy,


Dublin 5.