Parishes praying for peace

Dear Editor,  The Irish Catholic (IC 05/09/2013) report titled “Irish parishes respond to Pope’s peace vigil call,” rightly drew attention to the massive peace efforts of Pope Francis and his pre-announced Saturday Rome vigil of fasting and prayer in respect of Syria.

Pope Francis made an international appeal to Catholics, Christians, believers and all peace loving people throughout the world to join in his Saturday campaign. A great many Saturday prayer vigils were organised in cathedrals and parishes across the world.


Regrettably here in this part of Ireland there was very little evidence of any organised Catholic response to the Pope’s earnest plea apart from the occasional Sunday Mass prayer intention in respect of the grave threats to world peace. Parish newsletter mentions of Pope Francis’ intentions were very rare indeed.


On a positive note, here in our local cathedral, and in relation to the Pope’s plea, we had a Eucharistic Prayer for Reconciliation at some Sunday Masses.


Surely it is time for all people of peace, including our bishops, clergy and lay people to give wholehearted backing to Pope Francis and his earnest plea for prayers and fasting for peace.


Yours etc.,

Alan Whelan,


Co. Kerry.