Promoting vocations to the priesthood

Dear Editor, We are praying for vocations to the priesthood where more than half our population of neighbours, i.e. married spouses and single women, have power exercised over them by leadership in the Catholic Church, who in my view are blockingthem from following the call of the Holy Spirit to serve one’s neighbour and God in the priestly ministry.  Furthermore exercising the power of silence on the issue of who can be a priest is blocking the need of dialogue for discernment and understanding, through the spiritual gifts given by God, of wisdom, understanding, right judgement and knowledge.

Praying that the Lord of the harvest would send labourers to his harvest also calls for action from both those willing and desiring to serve as priests as well as from the Catholic Church leadership to serve, facilitate and provide suitable training for all who want to answer the call of the Spirit in this way.

I believe that, for example, as well as single people, married spouses receiving consent from their spouse, who have their family reared and retiring early with assets or supporting pension, could also serve as priests for many years working for Jesus in building his Church.

St Peter in Ch.1 said: “Never be dictator over any group in your care but rather lead by example so that the whole flock can follow”. The Church leadership in their exclusion of more than half the population seem to me to have become indifferent to the dignity, equality and potential of many of God’s people in their plight to be priests.

My own experience at harvest time, to ensure that nothing would be lost was that all hands were welcome and nobody excluded.

Yours etc.,

Donal Cleary,


Co. Clare.