Prayers for the path

The Pink Ribbon Path

This supportive book of prayers and medications was created from Mary Ussher’s own experience of treatment, from diagnosis onward.

This is a path that many others have and will walk with her. It is truly a via dolorosa.

The aim of this book, however, “seeks to help women find peace. It is a path for life, inviting a woman to feel tooted in God who is love”.  Mary Ussher has in this pain put her own pain to a good cause.

It is supported by an audio download available from the publisher’s site.

But though aimed primarily at a specific readership, with its scriptural extracts and its developed ideas on the process and purpose
of Christian meditation, many others will also find it of
immense interest and personal benefit. This makes her book perhaps a book for all readers, whatever their state of health.

All the author’s royalties are being donated to the World Community for Christian mediation.