Pope tops digital influence list

Pope Francis continues to draw crowds even in the virtual world it appears and has now been named among the list of world leaders with most digital influence.

According to Reputation Metrics, which measures public impact, the Pope is considered the most influential leader in social media, because his messages are re-tweeted so frequently.

On average, each tweet is re-tweeted about 22,000 times.

The accounts have seen a huge spike in numbers recently.

In March the Pontiff had three million followers. Shortly after Francisí election the account got over 800,000 additional followers in just four days. By the end of July it had more than eight million. 

The papal account has its busiest days on Wednesdays, for the general audience and also on Sundayís with the Angelus prayer. On average the Pope writes 5.3 tweets per week. 

As far as content, the key words that the Pope has used the most in his tweets to date are God, life and love. The most common themes are Jesus, love, God’s mercy and charity.