Pray for Ebola intercession

Dear Editor, The Ebola virus in West Africa continues to spread. Various agencies such as the WHO and NGOs are fighting to get the virus under control and relieve the sufferings of the affected populations.

In the meantime I suggest that, in praying for the alleviation of this dreadful plague, we invoke the intercession of St Charles Borromeo, often referred to as the plague-stopper.

As Archbishop of Milan during the plague there in the 16th Century he refused to leave the city, choosing instead to work tirelessly for the afflicted.

When a plague struck Vienna in 1713 the people prayed for his intercession and the city was soon delivered from the plague. The then Emperor had a church built and dedicated to him. His feast day is November 4.

So I ask your readers to please take up my suggestion and also recommend it to your friends.


Yours etc.,

Charles Convery,

Navan Road,

Dublin 7.