Better religious instruction in school

Dear Editor, There is lots of talking about the lack of vocations to the priesthood and religious life but no word at all about the lack of religious instruction in our national schools since Vatican II.

It is nonsense to expect young men and young women to give their lives to Jesus Christ when they
have been deprived of receiving the teaching of the Catholic Church.

First came the Children of God series, then the Alive-O stuff.  To say the least about the Alive-O books, they have nothing to offer.

And for many years now, our bishops have been silent – except to acknowledge that there are so few vocations. The mystery is that there are any at all. But God is still on the throne and all powerful.

Let us cast our minds back to the times of the persecution for the Faith for which our forefathers fought. They knew the value of our Catholic faith and willingly suffered for it and some died. Nearly every parish has a Mass rock and there is no need to tell anybody, nowadays, why they had to.

May I suggest to our bishops to resurrect the old Penny Catechism. Its teaching remained with us through our lives and gave us the blessing of a strong faith.

If our young people do not receive a good religious instruction in national school, will they ever get it and who will God hold accountable?



Yours etc.,


Anna Brady,




Co. Cavan.