PLC slam ‘mild’ HSE report on ‘horrendous’ practises

The Pro Life campaign has strongly criticised a recently published HSE report into state-funded pregnancy agencies which makes recommendations but contains no sanctions for what the PLC claim are “horrendous” and “life-endangering” practices.

The HSE audit was commissioned following an undercover investigation in 2012 which revealed evidence that Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA) run clinics were telling women to lie to their doctors and say they had a miscarriage and not an abortion in the case of post-abortion complications. The IFPA were also coaching women on how to illegally import abortion pills to self-administer without any medical supervision.

Reacting to the report, Cora Sherlock of the PLC said it was “of grave concern” that the practices were treated in a “mild way” with “no suggestion of any sanctions for the counselling agencies involved”.