Don’t shoot the messenger

Dear Editor, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin recently criticised sections of the Catholic press in Ireland for a ‘growing tendency to tabloidism’. I presume his criticism is not directed at The Irish Catholic, which while supportive of the archbishop’s work on dealing with clerical sexual abuse, has also raised questions about the extent of his leadership in other areas.


Because of his strong and decisive stance on the abuse issue, Archbishop Martin is probably the only member of the Catholic hierarchy who has any serious credibility left with the Irish public – of all faiths and none. For that reason, it would be a pity if the archbishop was to display a thin skin when it comes to perceived or actual slights to him in the press. For one who is renowned for his media savvy, he should be more aware of the dangers of shooting the messenger.


Yours etc.,

Declan Harmon,

Whitethorn Crescent,


Dublin 20.