Obeying commandment to love our neighbour

Dear Editor, Dr Janina Lyons (Letters 11/06/2015) mourns the result of the same-sex marriage referendum and observes that of those who voted yes surely a number were older Mass-going Catholics. She believes that many did so because they thought it was a kind and loving thing to do for their gay family members and friends, and they were persuaded by the slogan “Equality and Love”. In this they were wrong, and Dr Lyons concludes the Church needs a new catechesis of all its members.

It is to be hoped this new catechesis will lay due stress on Mark 12:29. This is where Jesus, asked to name the greatest commandment, replied first to love God, and second to love your neighbour as yourself: “There is no commandment greater than these.”

Perhaps the Mass-going Catholics who voted yes in the referendum did so in conformity with this teaching.

Yours etc.,

Peter Household,

Mitchelstown,  Co. Cork.