New Sacrament survey ‘wake-up call’ for parents

New Sacrament survey ‘wake-up call’ for parents

A new push for families to be more involved in the sacramental preparation of their children is a “wake-up call” for parents who are apathetic to the Faith.

Fr Gerry Kane of Booterstown told this newspaper that parents shouldn’t be relying on schools to prepare their children for the Sacraments, noting that this process should be parish-based.

“Take the Sacraments out of schools and have them on a Sunday morning in the parish,” he said, noting that this creates an “opt-in” system.

His comments come after a new Dublin archdiocese survey has revealed there is a “dissatisfaction” that preparation is largely a school event, and that there should be more movement in the direction of parent and parish responsibility.

“You have to distinguish between religious education which will continue in Catholic schools and the organisation of the Communion ceremony, which really should have to come out of schools,” Fr Kane said.

While the move will be welcomed by many, he added that it will be a “wake-up call” for parents who rarely attend church.

“The only ones that won’t be happy are the drifters and to evangelise them means to take away the rug on which they’re standing.”

The online survey involved 1,800 responses from parents, parishioners, clergy, parish workers, school principals and teachers.