Mixed marriages in Ireland

Dear Editor, The Northern Ireland Mixed Marriage Association (NIMMA) is seeking volunteers to feature in a new book about the children of mixed marriages.

The paperback will give at least 10 individuals the chance to tell in their own words how they were affected as the children of couples who put love before traditional allegiances.

Under the working title Both Sides Now the book will be the first of its kind about the subject and is being produced and published entirely by NIMMA.

We will choose as broad as possible a cross-section of contributors to the final publication from the many who come forward to reflect the real story of the mixed marriage child’s experience on this island.

Our previous book project, Mixed Emotions, was designed specifically to highlight the mixed marriage experience in Northern Ireland and encourage more people to talk about it, to tolerate it and to hear first-hand from couples, who themselves were being encouraged – for the first time – to speak out.

Our latest project is also about increasing awareness of mixed marriage, especially among the young, and we see the book as a natural sequel to our earlier efforts. Already, our first book is being used by pupils at secondary level to raise awareness of tolerance and reconciliation.

Anyone interested in contributing to this publication and all enquiries will be treated in strictest confidence, should contact NIMMA on Belfast 02890 235444 or e-mail info@nimma.org.uk

Yours etc.,

Ken Dunn, Chairman,

Northern Ireland Mixed Marriage Association,


Co. Down.