Major conference on marriage next weekend

A major conference on the upcoming marriage referendum is to be held in Dublin next weekend.

‘Marriage Referendum 2015: An International Conference on Protecting and Nourishing the Family’ will be hosted by Mothers and Fathers Matter (MFM) on Saturday, April 25 at the Marino Institute of Education.

MFM chairman Prof. Ray Kinsella, who believes the Government has not thought through their plans to redefine marriage, believes there “should be a rigorous, evidence-based forum looking at the consequences of marital redefinition elsewhere”.

Billed as “a day of reflective analysis, with authoritative international and Irish speakers, on the constitutional, social and anthropological reasons for affirming marriage between man and woman, and the protection of the rights of children”, the conference will, Prof. Kinsella said, “set out an evidence-based case for a ‘no’ vote”.

Among the speakers at the conference will be Patrick Treacy SC, journalist Bruce Arnold, and French advocate Patrice Andre. Professor Helen Alvare from the School of Law at Virginia’s George Mason University in the US will be the keynote speaker.

To register by the deadline of 5pm, Thursday, April 23, email: