Knock for young readers

The Three Visitors: The Story of Knock by Eleanor Gormally (Vertias €5.99 / £5)

Eleanor Gormally, an experienced creator of religious books for children, here retells the story of Knock in a form that can be appreciated by young readers. The colourful illustrations, which are a large part of the book, are by Barbara Croatto. The events of August 1879 have always been mysterious, and often controversial, yet they have been for many millions profoundly inspiring as well.

Eleanor Gormally communicated something of the experience, and in doing so shares a little of what has been so inspiring over the 125 years since. There was no message at Knock (as there was at Lourdes or Fatima), only an interpretation, but one which found a resonance with many in later years.

There have seen great changes in Ireland since, but religious experience as illustrated at Knock remains a theme of Irish life all the same, and parents will want to share this book with their young children.