Just one in ten GPs sign up for abortion

Just one in ten GPs sign up for abortion
Jason Osborne

Just 385 general practitioners have signed up to the Government’s controversial scheme to carry out abortions despite handsome financial rewards for doing so.

This stands against a backdrop of 3,496 GPs currently practicing in Ireland, which makes the percentage of GPs who’ve signed up to perform abortion in the country 11.01% of the country’s total general practitioners.

With 48 hospitals in Ireland, the 10 that have signed up to perform terminations represent 20.83% of the country’s hospitals.


With the Government struggling to increase the number of doctors signed on to perform abortion, monetary incentives have been employed, with GPs receiving in the region of €400 per abortion.

Despite the lack of support the Government is receiving from the medical profession, 2019 saw over 19 abortions per day, totalling out at 6,666 abortions carried out for the year in Ireland. With the 345 abortions performed on Irish women in England and Wales included, the total number of abortions carried out on the unborn came to 7,041.