Irish priest guarding George Clooney’s ancestor file

Staff Reporter

A Kilkenny priest is keeping a document that connects actor George Clooney to Ireland under lock and key until the film star comes to visit this summer.

Fr Nicholas Flavin confirmed to The Irish Catholic this week that he was in possession of the baptismal record of the Oscar winner’s great-great-grandfather, Nicholas Clooney, who was born at Knockeen, in Windgap, in 1829.

Fr Flavin is guarding the document and has not shown it to anyone, according to reports. However the record will make an appearance when the Hollywood star and his wife, Amal, visit Kilkenny this summer.

“I know where the book containing the relevant baptismal record is, but I have been advised to keep its location a secret as there is memorabilia and it could, shall we say, go missing quite easily if the wrong people knew where it was,” Fr Flavin told the Irish Mail on Sunday.

“I havn’t quite taken a sacred vow on the matter, but I am keeping mum as to where it is for the moment. It’s safe and sound under lock and key,” he said.