Irish Knight aims to transform community

Irish Knight aims to transform community Paul Uzo

A candidate running in the Irish local elections has said he will represent Catholic voters and those striving to improve their community.

Paul Uzo, who is originally from Nigeria and is now running as an Independent candidate in Dublin’s Swords told The Irish Catholic he wants to “work as a bridge between the disaffected youth and the community” and build better relationships between Irish natives and immigrants.

The former chairperson of the African chaplaincy and member of the Knights of Columbanus added that he is running to “give back to the community”, and that his six-point manifesto which tackles topics such as burglaries and unemployment rates aims to achieve this.

While expressing his commitment to the Catholic faith and pro-life values, Mr Uzo said that he will represent the entire local community if elected.

“I’m going in there for everybody to make sure we have a great community in Swords.”