Hospital probe reveals ‘marginalisation’ of disabled

Hospital probe reveals ‘marginalisation’ of disabled Muckamore Abbey Hospital in Co Antrim. Photo: Mal McCann

There is a lot of scope for people with intellectual disabilities to be “marginalised”, a leader of a parish group has said in light of reports of mistreatment in a Belfast hospital.

Leader of Spred (Special Religious Education) in Holy Rosary Parish in Belfast, Grainne McMacken, said that she was aware of the situation regarding Muckamore Abbey hospital, describing it as “unfortunate”.


It is the PSNI’s largest investigation into adult safeguarding, with The Irish News revealing this week that 1,500 crimes were identified in one ward alone.

“Usually their parents, their caretakers have quite a lot of things on their plate, they’re trying to care for them in lots of different ways.

“Maybe there’s health issues or other social issues, there’s a lot of ways they can be marginalised and not heard,” said Ms McMacken, who is boosting “inclusivity” for the intellectually disabled in her parish.

Spred aims to prepare the way for full participation in the liturgical life of parish community for people with learning disabilities.