High hopes for archbishop ‘full of Holy Spirit’

High hopes for archbishop ‘full of Holy Spirit’

Dear Editor, Re David Quinn’s article ‘Dublin now needs an archbishop who is not afraid to be counter-cultural’ [IC 19/11/2020]. I agree completely with David Quinn and for some time now I have been disappointed with the archbishop.

Now more than ever we need someone who is positive and a voice that lifts people up, rather than knocking them down with doom and gloom.

Surely we have someone willing and determined and full of the Holy Spirit who can take over from Archbishop Martin. As the archbishop has said he is tired and would like to retire and I think he does deserve to have a rest now.

Roll on the time for a new archbishop who will be inspiring and who will be a good shepherd for his bishops and priests and that they in turn will inspire all those in our diocese, whom they are meant to lead also.

Your etc.,

Lilian Hall

Dalkey, Co. Dublin


Jesus tells us repeatedly: Be not afraid                   

Dear Editor, “Be not afraid” Jesus told us frequently during his ministry. Likewise, Saint John Paul II told us “Be not afraid” repeatedly during his 25-year pontificate. In contrast, our national broadcaster RTÉ, mouthpiece of our Government, in every news bulletin, gives us the latest statistics on Covid-19 cases. The message is clear: be afraid. I am 73 years old. I will follow Jesus’ advice and that of JPII: Be not afraid.

Your etc.,

Patrick Slevin

Waterford City, Co. Waterford


Pandemic is a trial for ‘grace of conversion’

Dear Editor, I see that it is politically incorrect now even to suggest that the virus might be a wake-up call from God to people to turn back from sin, and this at a time when sin abounds and is even legalised! We’re told instead that it “just happened”, though it is conceded that God saw it coming. But then, even to mention sin today is to incur the wrath of people who want to persist in sin. Also, it is to go against the picture of God that has been peddled for some decades as a senile old granddad who smiles at everything, regardless of sin.

But this leads to the contradiction of an all-loving and all-knowing God being so cruel as to let this happen! It also contradicts the Bible which is full of examples of God warning his people through the prophets to turn back from sin or face a chastisement. They usually ignore the warning and the chastisement comes, sometimes as famine, war, exile or plague. Then they repent and all is well again – for a while. But then the same pattern has to be repeated. It also contradicts the teaching of many of the saints and the messages of Fatima. Finally, it ignores that most central truth of our faith: that God showed his love for us by sending his Son to die a painful death on the cross precisely to make up for sin.

The only hope then is that the innocent, for whom such afflictions are not a chastisement but a trial, a share in the cross, for their good, will obtain the grace of conversion from God for these others so that we can all be saved from even worse in future.

Yours etc.,

Fr Richard O’Connor

Kerry and Rome


We cannot congratulate people who support abortion

Dear Editor, After the recent US election result it was disappointing to hear supposedly pro-life politicians and some clergy congratulating pro-abortion Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Marc McSherry TD, (who voted against abortion here in 2018) supported Biden when interviewed on local radio. On social media pro-life Michael O’Dowd, ex-RENUA Party was praising Biden. The Pope along with Archbishop Gomez (Los Angeles) and Fr Conlon PP in Co. Louth congratulated the pair also. None mentioned President Trump stopping US dollars funding abortion overseas, his support along with Vice President Mike Pence for big pro-life rallies, and the recent appointment of pro-life Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. How many of our supposedly pro-life TDs and clergy apart from a few went to pro-life rallies?

Being pro-life extends beyond voting pro-life, it is a way of life in thought, word and deed. Genuine pro-lifers and clergy cannot congratulate anyone who supports abortion as this appears to condone it which is against the 5th Commandment.

Yours etc.,

Ann Campbell

Scotstown, Co. Monaghan


People must take responsibility for abortion

Dear Editor, It is very annoying when some people blame a government or a president for allowing abortion. When two people act in a way that leads to the woman having an abortion they cannot blame anyone except themselves.

When they stand before God, will he ask them who was in government or who was president when they decided to have an abortion? The decision was theirs and I wish people, especially men, would think about their responsibility towards the women in their lives. Alcohol plays a big part in the behaviour that leads to abortion.

Yours etc.,

Patricia McKenna

Navan, Co. Meath