Global warming scepticism

Dear Editor, Mary Kenny is quite right to be sceptical about the theory of global warming. Hers is a most natural and thoroughly human reaction. After all, what if it should turn out to be true?

When eminent scientists, led by the Surgeon General of the United States, many years ago propounded the then revolutionary theory that tobacco smoking was a lethal addiction, is it not true that the unbelievers were legion, and, as for the multitude of sceptics of similar persuasion to Mary, were they not full of polite disbelief? Where are they all now? The facts would seem to have been amply proven and this long established social habit, spurned by a whole generation despite it being worth billions to the cigarette companies and to governments all over the world who milked it for tax revenue.

The many eminent scientists who do support the theory have taken their stand on the facts, as they perceive them, such as that of an annual melt rate in the order of 215 billion tons from the Greenland ice sheet. If Mary can succeed in proving that this is simply not so in her column, we will all breathe a heart-felt sigh of relief.

Yours etc.,

Roger J. O’Donnell,


Co. Wicklow.