A new movement for Ireland is needed

Dear Editor, Those of us who have to endure the arrogance and contempt from our dictatorial Government, autocratic Taoiseach, and their servant backbenchers who forced through The Protection of Life During PregnancyAct despite vehement opposition have had their say in the Seanad referendum. Of course the Seanad needs reform but that can wait for another day.

 My only motivation for voting to retain same was to inflict defeat on this Government proposal. I would still on principle have voted no if the Government had proposed to grant every citizen €1m. It should be clear to all that it was the 100% Pro-life voter that contributed enormously to this defeat.

 It has been worth the wait but this is only the start of brighter and better things to come.

It is not only the Pro-Life voter who is disillusioned. Many others who feel that Justice and their Religious beliefs are being threatened and who appear in various polls in the 'undecided' category feel wholly disenfranchised as they currently have no real choice. It is clear that they are seeking a New Party/Movement.

I would now call on those Fine Gael deputies and senators who voted with their conscience against the above Act to do what Peter Mathews did and resign from the Party and formalise The Reform Alliance. Even if allowed would they want to rejoin a party that reneged on its promises and its supporters?

With a new Party we could then move on with renewed hope and confidence to the Local & European Elections.

It will be interesting to see how low the 'undecided ' category is then and what percentage appears under the new category.

I look forward to the canvassing in May.

Yours etc.,

John Burke,


Dublin 3.