‘Gender-bending’ comes to your local primary school

We have now lost the plot

My wife tells me that in the hospital where she trained in Australia there is now a ‘transgender-friendly’ policy and three nurses who are in fact men are allowed to serve as women. No doubt something similar is coming soon to a hospital near you.

Meanwhile, the social networking site, Facebook, no longer limits users to just two ‘genders’ (sexes to you and me) when they are setting up their profiles. Forcing people to choose between just male and female is now so passé. Facebook allows you to choose between 56 different ‘genders’. Yes, you read that right, 56.

These include agender, igender, cis male and cis female, gender fluid, gender variant, intersex, pangender, trans, and trans*. (The asterisk is not a typo).

For the record, you are probably either cis male or cis female. So far as I can tell this means you are happy with the ‘gender’ you were ‘assigned’ at birth. Let me translate that a bit more.

Human history

There was a time, basically from the beginning of human history until roughly yesterday, when it was easy to decide what sex a baby was. You picked the baby, looked at a certain part of the body, and that was that. It was either a boy or a girl.

But do you see, a person’s body only determines what sex they are. According to the new thinking, you can be literally any gender and you get to choose that for yourself, unless society ‘forces’ one on you by raising a boy in a stereotypically boyish way (by giving him a toy train, say), or by raising a girl in a stereotypically girlish way (by giving her a doll, say).

While you don’t choose your sex (more or less), you should be able to choose your gender, that is, how ‘boyish’ or how ‘girlish’ you want to be and therefore society and your parents should let you decide that for yourself by giving you toys that are both girlish or boyish or something in between, and putting you in clothes that are both girlish or boyish or something in between.

It is thinking of this sort that has Swedish clothes shops mixing up boys and girls clothes and Swedish day-care centres teaching small children how to use ‘gender-neutral’ pronouns like ‘ze’ instead of he or she, and ‘hir’ instead of him and her.

It is also what has some parents literally not telling people what sex their children are and giving them names that could belong to either sex so their children can ‘choose’ which ‘gender’ they are as they grow up.

So someone who is ‘cis female’ was recorded as a female at birth and now that they are grown up is still happy to be called female. But if they weren’t happy about that, they could choose from 55 other ‘genders’.

Sigh. What is a person to say in the face of this kind of nonsense? I suppose we could laugh at it, except that this ideology – which is called gender ideology – is targeting your children and wants to tell them at the youngest possible age that just because their birth cert says they are a boy or a girl doesn’t really mean that they are a boy or a girl

Good example

A good example of how close this is getting to your children and grandchildren was reported in The Sunday Times last weekend. A theatre company has come up with a play aimed at primary school children and designed to teach them about drag queens and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual issues generally. (That’s LGBT, but given the 56 permutations Facebook now offers its uses, we should start adding mightily to that list of four letters).

The play is called ‘Aunty Ben’. Right there you can see the gender-bending at work. Ben is a man’s name. But Ben dresses as a woman. He/she has a nine-year-old niece so given his cross-dressing he is both her uncle and her aunt.

The Sunday Times reports that the plan is for the play to tour primary schools in Britain and in Ireland.

The play’s director and writer, Sian Ni Mhuiri, says: “The reason I call it an LGBT play for kids is because [Aunty Ben] paves the way for a classroom discussion about LGBT issues and how to react to people who may be different or come from different family structures”.

Ni Mhuiri claims the support of Pope Francis for what she is doing because the Pope said we shouldn’t judge gay people who are seeking God. And of course, we shouldn’t. But Francis also said that the section of the catechism on homosexuality has it right.

No doubt Justice Minister Alan Shatter would heartily approve of this play, and probably Education Minister, Ruairi Quinn would too, even though it’s aimed at young children.


When you believe gender is a social construct, and you believe benighted and ignorant parents all over the country are forcing male and female ‘genders’ on their boys and girls, then it’s best to get to the children as soon as possible so as to liberate from their parents’ stereotyping upbringing.

The same logic applies when you believe, as our Government and the main opposition parties do, that motherhood and fatherhood are simply optional extras of no real added value to children. Love is all you need, and saying it’s best of all to have the love of your own mother and father, well, that’s just bigoted. Off to re-education camp with you.

This is all absolutely nuts of course. A society which has convinced itself that it’s ok to teach small children about drag queens, that there are 56 different ‘genders’ and that having the love of your own mother and father isn’t of any special value, and which then condemns anyone who thinks differently as a ‘bigot’, has completely and utterly lost the plot.

We have completely and utterly lost the plot.