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Family News


It’s story time in Kerry

Our lives revolve around stories – we listen to the news, read books and regale our children about times gone past. To celebrate all things story, the Sneem International Storytelling & Folklore Festival will present artists of all ages to delight and enthral. Taking place in Kerry’s Sneem Hotel and surrounding areas from November 8-10, this year’s storytellers are Kate Corkery from Cork and London, Liz Weir from Northern Ireland, Batt Burns from Kerry and singer Jimmy Crowley from Cork, and guest tellers Paddy Regan (Cork), Vincent Hyland (Kerry). All performers will appear in the popular Friday night concert with many of them taking part in the Storytelling Pub Trail and story swaps around the village.

There will be children’s performances throughout the weekend and the South Kerry Rosen Choir are also returning to entertain in the Church of the Transfiguration.

A food wake-up call

When we are feeling tired, it can be tempting to reach for a sugary snack like a chocolate bar to give us a burst of energy so we’ll stay awake. However, a new study has revealed that healthy alternatives can help fight fatigue – meaning you should ditch the sweets for the seeds.

According the findings carried out by nutrition scientist Maryam Hamidi and team, replacing sugar and saturated fat with vegetables will diminish feelings of sleep exhaustion.

The research showed that people following a diet high in saturated far and sugar had increased sleep-related impairment scores, whereas plant based diets lowered the scores.

Hamidi has suggested that employers and organisations should ensure that healthy foods are available for workers rather than prioritising sugary snacks.

“Increasing physicians’ access to [healthful] snack options close to their work areas and creating a work environment with many [healthful] options can help reduce their daytime fatigue,” she said.

Toasty feet for winter

With the autumn chills transforming into the winter cold, it’s that time of the year when we all have to wrap up warmly. One bodily area that’s particularly prone to the freezing weather is our feet, especially our toes. Of course, two or three pairs of fluffy socks usually solve the problem, but for those with bad circulation or on those extremely icy days it might be worth investing in some rechargeable foot warmers.

These cotton fabric insulators will keep all areas of your feet warm during harsh conditions. You can charge them at home or in advance before going out. The heat will remain at a temperature suitable for you without risk of being burnt.

If sore toes and feet are a problem for you, these nifty insoles will keep you toasty and relieve any pain you’re experiencing. Now put your feet up and relax!