Faith and safety online

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has teamed up with the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America to launch ‘Faith and Safety’, a new website to help parents keep their kids safe on the web.  


The site is full of tips on how to secure devices and networks, and features some thought provoking advice. The website also grades the presence of sexual content, violence and consumerism.


In addition, ‘Faith and Safety’ reviews mobile phones that are made especially for kids that can block unwanted calls, set time limits for phone usage and those that allow parents to find their children through a GPS system.


Another interesting feature is a section that reviews apps. For each of them, an ideal age is recommended. It grades the overall quality and educational potential.


‘Faith and Safety’ is constantly updated. Its blog alone has thousands of views and boasts some high profile clerics among its contributors, including Bishop John Wester, of Salt Lake City.