Facing the challenge to forgive

Dear Editor, Aubrey Malone titles his review of the film Philomena ‘The Sins of the Mothers’ (IC 31/10/13).  He clearly sees sin only in the young mothers like Philomena Lee who were locked in the Magdalen Homes and not in how they were treated. He sees the film as an attack on ‘the Church’ which to him means the institution and its authority figures. To me if ‘the Church’ has to mean any person, it must be people like Philomena Lee who accept the challenge of Jesus to forgive those who did her and her son a dreadful injustice.  What a great example this warm-hearted mother gives.  The great Judi Dench, who takes the part of Philomena and whose acting made me laugh many times, is a great fan of the living Philomena. If Judi Dench deserves an Oscar, what prize will Jesus give to those who forgive those who do them wrong?

Your etc.,

Fionn O’ Grada,


Co. Dublin