Difficulties with the Roman Missal

Dear Editor, The logic with which Fr Fergus Ryan explained the three-part structure of the ‘proper prayers’ in the Roman Missal in The Irish Catholic of June 26 is admirable. However, those of us who are used to the natural rhythm of the English vernacular (i.e. the language of the ‘home-born slave’), find it difficult to cope with the length, wordiness and stilted English of the new collects, as well as their lack of a natural cadence. The document on the Liturgy emphasises “the use of the mother tongue… adapted to the linguistic and other needs of the different regions…Therefore in the revision of the liturgy…(t)he rites should be distinguished by a noble simplicity: they should be short, clear (and) within the people’s powers of comprehension, and normally not require much explanation”. Let’s hope for a more friendly version of the Roman Missal in the near future.

Yours etc.,

Fr Patrick Seaver,


Co. Limerick.