Revisionist version pioneering physicist’s life

 (15A)   Camille Paglia once said: “There’s no female Mozart because there’s no female Jack the Ripper.” The comment was inaccurate but typical of her penchant for sensationalism. (I liked Julie Birchill’s comment: “The ‘g’ is silent in Paglia. It’s the only thing about her that is.”) Something else that’s often said to be…

Rush to judgment of an innocent security guard

(15) You’ve got to hand it to Clint Eastwood – at 89 years old, he’s still churning out great films. I’d never heard of Richard Jewell before seeing this. In July 1996, the overweight security guard noticed a suspicious-looking knapsack under a bench at Atlanta’s Olympic Games. It turned out to contain a bomb.…

Little Women leads the way into a bright new decade

Cinemas usually experience the celluloid equivalent of haemophilia at this time of year, either due to ritualistic hibernation, post-festive lethargy and/or the sedentary hangover of a Yuletide addiction to television. To draw patrons away from the sofas to which they seem to become almost surgically attached over the 12 days of Christmas – if not…

2019 on the big screen

Uplifting films of the year included Breakthrough, which dealt with the power of prayer to move mountains. Chrissie Metz is traumatised by the death of her 14 year old son and prays fervently for him to be returned to life. The Last of Us told the story of missionary Graham Staines. He died in India…

Comic road movie mixes tenderness and farce

 (15A) A Clonakilty man living in Boston transports the body of a man he only met for a few minutes to his final resting place in Rathlin Island with the police on his tail for corpse-snatching. It’s the kind of situation most of us find ourselves in sooner or later, right? Writer/director…

Life-affirming tale of agrarian regeneration

(PG) “They told us we were crazy,” says narrator John Chester of his ambition to create a farm with his wife Molly that would be totally in harmony with nature in this fascinating documentary set in Ventura County, “and they were right.” It started with Todd. That’s their wide-eyed dog. His…