Callan’s comments on Vatican dubbed ‘lazy’

Callan’s comments on Vatican dubbed ‘lazy’ Oliver Callan

Politicians have criticised comments made by well-known RTÉ presenter and satirist Oliver Callan following his statement that the Vatican is “literally the largest homophobic organisation in the world”.

During his 9am show on RTÉ Radio 1 on June 12, Mr Callan also said that the Pope is “living in an enclave of total corruption”.

Speaking to The Irish Catholic, Laois-Offaly TD Carol Nolan responded saying “this kind of lazy, reductionist thinking… is what many Catholics expect from RTÉ whenever a topic touching our faith or the Pope is discussed. It is also boring and banal”.

She added: “Oliver is of course perfectly entitled to hold whatever views he wishes, but is he entitled to do so on a salary ultimately paid for the taxpayer? I would have my doubts about that. Demanding a higher standard from RTÉ on these issues is like shouting into the abyss.”

Michael Healy-Rae TD of Kerry said: “I wouldn’t say it’s fair. I couldn’t agree with the statement. I believe in the good work that the Vatican does.

“I’m 100% sure that, going back over hundreds of years, that maybe horrible things came out of the Vatican or happened in the Vatican, but horrible things happened all over the world. But think of the saints… and so many people who devoted their lives to God, they left their homes and travelled across the world, became nuns and priests, and they were the nicest most genuine people. They sacrificed all of their life for what they believed in, and that is the spreading of the word of God,” he added.

Mr Callan comments came as he was discussing the controversy that erupted following the Pope’s widely reported use of a gay slur last month during a closed-door meeting

RTÉ was contacted for comment but failed to respond before this paper went to print.