Bishops’ LGBTQ comments like ‘stake through heart’

Bishops’ LGBTQ comments like ‘stake through heart’ Fr Gerry O'Connor CSsR

Comments made by a US bishop who told Catholics not to go or support any LGBTQ Pride events have been dubbed “hugely offensive” and not based in fact.

Bishop of Providence, Rhode Island, Thomas Tobin also said on social media the events “promote a culture and encourage activities that are contrary to Catholic faith and morals. They are especially harmful for children.”

Cork-based Fr Gerry O’Connor CSsR told The Irish Catholic the relationship between the gay community and the Church is already “fractured”. He asked where was there evidence that gay pride parades were harmful for children, saying “I would ask him, is this true bishop?”

“If Church officials want to engage in the public square and make divisive comments, then they really need to answer that question before they do so.”

He added: “When you’re on the ground and you listen to people, the truth is so often that the gay son or gay daughter that that bishop seems to have such a problem with, they’re not there usually in Church but their parents are, and their grandparents are, who are full of love for their child and grandchild.

“This is like getting a wallop over the head or a stake through the heart each time bishops engage in such an insensitivity.”

The Irish Bishops’ Conference was asked for a comment regarding their view on Pride events, but no response was given.

Dublin LGBTQ Pride is set from June 20-29 with several events taking place throughout that period and is sponsored by dozens of companies as well as Dublin City Council. The Pride Parade is on Saturday June 29.