Bambie Thug is a sign ‘Irish culture is in decline’

Bambie Thug is a sign ‘Irish culture is in decline’ Bambie Thug. Photo: Arkland/Wikipedia
Chai Brady and Brandon Scott

Ireland’s Eurovision Song Contest 2024 contestant Bambie Thug is “wide open to dark forces” and it is “unfortunate” she was chosen as a representative, an expert in exorcism and deliverance ministry has warned.

Bambie Thug came sixth in the competition with her song ‘Doomsday Blue’, one of the best results for Ireland in many years. The musician describes herself as ‘queer’ and a witch, saying in the past she’s been involved in occult rituals and practices and puts spells in her songs.

Dublin-based priest and psychologist Fr Pat Collins CM told The Irish Catholic: “People who are involved in the occult or in witchcraft they are certainly wide open to dark forces, and she certainly does not come across as a happy person.

“I think it is most unfortunate that she is representing Ireland, it is another sign to me that our culture has declined.”

He said that as Christian culture is “breaking down” there is a return to a neo-pagan culture. Regarding Bambie Thug’s act, Fr Collins described it as “sinister”.

“I know what scripture says, that the evil one is the prince of this world, St Paul refers to him as the god of this world, and it wouldn’t surprise me that she will do very well because her partner in the realm of darkness will want her to do well.”

Fr Collins added: “One of the things I watch out for is, are people any happier? Is mental health improving as a result of all this liberalisation? My impression is that the more our standards are breaking down, the more the waters of ill-health are rising. I’m amazed that people don’t see it.”

Speaking to Newstalk’s Henry McKean after the competition the Macroom artist reflected on the connection between her position and the connotations with the number the Devil has been historically associated with. She extolled the characteristics of Satanism, by describing it being about “freedom” and “solidarity”.

“There were the northern lights there over Ireland when we were away in Sweden,” she said. “I was like, ‘oh, what’s this  witchy sensation’. And then we finished sixth which is the Devil’s number and you know what… I’m not a Satanist but Satanism is for freedom and for willpower, solidarity and respect across the board.”