1916 grandniece defends rights of unborn babies
“The line in the proclamation ‘to cherish all the children of the nation equally’ is more relevant today than ever before,” said Dr Judy Ceannt, grandniece to the Proclamation signatory Eamon Ceannt, at a gathering of republicans and trade unionists on the anniversary of the Easter Rising. Speaking at the demonstration outside Dublin’s GPO organised…
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Crowds brave snow, ice and cold to pray for life

Thousands of people defied arctic temperatures on Sunday to pray the rosary at Mass rocks for ‘Life and Faith’, organisers have said. “On the east coast, the crowds were decimated,” Kathy Sinnott told The Irish Catholic, adding that most gatherings went ahead elsewhere. In Dublin, a small number gathered at the Papal cross, while others…


Praying in public is of vital importance to the outcome of the referendum on the Eighth Amendment, according to campaigners. “In the battle for life, we have to do the canvasing and everything else, yes,  but we are not going to win without prayer because it is very much a spiritual battle,” pro-life advocate Kathy Sinnott told…

Leading Islamic scholar rejects Irish Imam’s support for Eighth Amendment Repeal

One of Ireland’s leading Islamic scholars has rejected claims by an Imam that Muslims can vote to remove constitutional protection for unborn children. “Abortion is an act of murder and who can sanction murder?” Dr Ali Selim from the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland told The Irish Catholic. “If you give people permission to do that basically…

Conversation connects people in new ways

As the three of us sat in the Prosperous, Co. Kildare parish centre, briefly sharing on the topic of ‘family’, during the buzz session of the first parish conversation on Amoris Laetitia, I thought to myself: “All human life is here.” For there we were – three people – a young single man, a widow…