Giving pollinators a helping hand

Green Fingers We as humans are very dependent on tiny insects called pollinators. We need them because they pollinate most of the fruits and vegetables that make up our diet. Pollination occurs when pollen is moved within flowers or carried from one flower to another by insects. The transfer of pollen between flowers of the…

Caring and cultivating house plants

Green Fingers “I’ve lived in small rooms, flats, growing plants in pots on window sills. I’ve had liked to have had a full-hedged garden with all kinds of flowers and plants. I’ve never had enough money to buy a big enough garden space.” – Ruskin Bond. The above quote from the great author/poet is something…

Summer pruning in a flowering garden

Green Fingers   June, your garden is starting to peak. Beds and borders are full of colour and life. All the work you put into weeding and hoeing is now paying off. As shrubs and perennials fill out, there will be less and less weeding to do. Annual weeds are no longer a major problem…

Your garden likes to show off when May arrives!

Green Fingers   “The
 Teale   In May your garden starts to show what it’s really all about. Shrubs are a riot of colour. The new leaves on trees are almost see through when back lit by the sun and the colour so vivid. New life awakens. With all the new growth and the soil damp,…