Archbishop in plea for shorter homilies

Archbishop in plea for shorter homilies Archbishop Diarmuid Martin

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has asked priests to shorten their homilies as public Masses begin at the end of the month.

In a note sent to priests this week, he said that “it is obvious that safe distancing makes a feeling of communion and community more difficult.

“Distancing could also lead to a deeper reflection on silence in the liturgy. It might even be the occasion to ask people to remain silent for a period before Mass begins in order to create a sense of prayerfulness,” the archbishop writes.


On the homily, he writes that “It is advisable that ceremonies should not be prolonged unnecessarily. Homilies should be short and unnecessary interruptions reduced.

“All this will require attention to detail and a parish liturgy team could provide help,” according to Dr Martin.

Underlying the fact that some people who are older or vulnerable will continue to stay away from Mass, Dr Martin insists that “Each parish should reflect on how Holy Communion can be brought to them in a worthy and prayerful manner.

“Holy Communion is not a commodity to be just delivered. The Church has a long tradition of bringing the Eucharist to the sick directly from the Eucharistic celebration,” he writes.