Appalled at Galway bishopís attitude towards SVPís donation

Dear Editor, I am appalled and deeply saddened by your headline in last week’s paper (04/09/2014) “Bishop demands answers from SVP on gay donation”. I feel we have stepped back into the 1950s when we had the Magdalene laundries, and the shame and disgrace heaped on the heads of the girls and families who found themselves with a little baby, making its entrance into this world without the blessing of marriage.

Now, it seems, we have a bishop who is firmly stuck back in those times when it comes to gay people and other people who don’t fit into what he might consider worthy of SVP’s kindness. I constantly donate to the SVP. Never have I thought that I should be dictating to them where I want my money spent. As a matter of fact, last year I stopped donating to the Salvation Army because of a similar situation.

How Jesus must weep when he sees such prejudice against a section of his children, and by a member of his clergy. Look at the situation of persecuted Christians in Iraq and Syria, Is this bishop making any demands on their behalf? I have spent many years trying to stay true to my Catholic faith, as I watch many friends and acquaintances drop away for one reason or another. I can assure you, with this kind of attitude within our Church, I am beginning to wonder why I’m here at all.

There are many gay people who struggle with their status and, like all of us who sin, try their best to maintain their contact with their Church and God.  I’m hoping God has a lot more compassion that his representative in Galway.

Yours etc.,

Bernadette Doyne,


Co. Dublin.